Sunday, April 5, 2009


These couple of days have been rough. Parker ended up getting RSV/cold last Tuesday and then ended up sleeping and being grouchy. We got past that, but still have this nasty cough. He had not being gaining weight like he should have been at his last appt., so they had us put him on Pediasure. We have been trying that, but switched to Pedialight when he was sick. Since then he has been having awful diapers. They are like what he had before we started him on his enzymes. I will not gross you out with the details, but they are not normal. He hasn't been eating or drinking well either. He woke up yesterday with a dry diaper and usually it is soaked! My mom and dad had him all day yesterday and he would not eat anything but a few pieces of apple. He also wouldn't drink anything but a half a cup of pedialight all day. So, by last night I was a bit concerned. He had not had a wet diaper all day. I ended up calling our Dr. from Children's Mercy and he said try to get him to drink something and if he hadn't eat, drank or had a wet diaper by Sun. morning they wanted him to come on up and they would start and IV. The other thing that worried him was that everytime he would try to eat something he would kind choke. So he wanted me to watch that and if it keeps going on he wants to check that out to. I had went to several different restraunts trying to get him to pick out something to eat, but he wanted nothing. He woke up at 3 am and he had went poop. Thank GOD!!! I got him to eat a popsicle and drink a whole cup of pediasure. He woke up again this morning and had another poop diaper. We stayed home this morning from Church and I have gotten him to eat a couple bites of stuff he wanted. I am also pushing the liquids. I am just worried because I can tell something is not right with him. I just wish everything would go away! I don't know if I need to adjust his enzymes, take him off milk, or if it is just a stomach thing. It's is all just trial and error. Anways, sorry to vent to you all!
We are soo excited about the Great Strides Walk. We already have about 20 people signed up online and my sis in law Lauren has gotten about 27 girls from the Nursing dept. at UMKC signed up. She said that was only the seniors and she was still going to recruit the sophmores and juniors. We should have a huge group walking with us :)