Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm back!

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long. Between Caringbridge and Facebook I have been finding it hard to keep up with this. But, I want to stay connected to everyone so am going to try a little harder :)

We have been enjoying this wonderful weather. I love to wake up in the morning and sit outside and enjoy hearing all the sounds. I love feeling the breeze and just reflecting on my life. I have the bestest family ever. Toby is a wonderful husband and has been helping out so much. For so long it seemed like that the kiddos were to little to go and have any "Me" time, but lately he has been so great about keeping the kiddo's and encouraging me to have girl time. It has been so great. I cam ehome one night and everything was perfect. I actually got to go straight to bed with out picking up anything. It has really helped me and I feel like such a nicer person when I do get to have my own time.

Bailey has started Kindergarten this year and is hanging in there. She is so used ot being home that it is a big adjustment to be away. She has a wonderful teacher that is really helping with this transition. She got a new puppy for her birthday. We named him Albert after Albert Pujols who plays for the St. Louis Cardinals. He waits for her when she gets home from school and they love each other. He is great for our family.

Parker has been doing really good health wise. I jsut hope we can stay away from the flu this year. Yesterday he started having a really stopped up nose and it has started to turn green and is coughing. So, we started adding a 3rd Vest treatment and an extra breathing treatment and will see how that goes. He is never sick, so when he starts with this the whole reality of CF really sets in :( I HATE CF!!!

Well, better get up and get ready and off to church!